Speed-chess busker on Cornmarket Street, Oxford

Continuing my journey through photographic genres, here are some of my forays into street photography. In case you’re unaware, “street” photography is all about creating art from the ordinary world around you, and it’s a style favoured by some of the most famous photographers out there, like Henri Cartier-Bresson and Martin Parr. However, if you frequent photography blogs and forums then you might come to the conclusion that street photography is about taking high-contrast black and white photographs of dull things with small, expensive cameras. I shall leave it as an exercise for the reader to decide which description fits me.

But on a not-entirely unrelated note – this is the first lot of photos I’ve posted from my new small, expensive camera.

Wall repair, Bicester

Woman reading in cemetery, Bicester

Gymnastic busker on Cornmarket Street, Oxford

Purveyors of Dirty Motorsport Burgers and other delicacies, Kenilworth

On the road, Bicester

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