Hi. My name is Simon Morgan and I’m a thirty year-old father of two living in Oxfordshire. Up until recently I have been splitting myself between family life, work and an immensely tedious commute to North London. In the New Year of 2013 I will be dropping that final obligationĀ and have decided to use the extra free time to pursue more creative endeavours. I intend to use this blog as a focus for that and, because I am an extremely lazy man at heart, to force myself to actually do it – now that I’ve paid for the hosting the bloody-minded and stingy parts of my psyche will start channeling guilt-inducing neurochemicals towards the procrastinatory centre of my brain. At least, that’s the theory.

I have never been especially artistic or talented, but I have always enjoyed making things. That led me into a career in software engineering so I could make cool techy things for a living. Unfortunately it turns out that the actual creative part of software development is only a tiny fraction of the time it takes to produce something new – the rest tends to be spent writing boring documents and testing everything. Even the actual coding and debugging parts are more of a mental challenge akin to solving a crossword than an exercise in creativity. It feels to me like there isĀ a “right” answer to most software problems, and when a programmer tries to express their individuality through code, the results generally leave their colleagues cursing their name. All of which means that itch to make stuff is still niggling away when I get home.

To try to scratch the creative itch, I have rekindled my childhood love of photography over the last few years, but in practice my photographic efforts have been somewhat sporadic. Worse than that, it can sometimes start to feel like a bit of a chore when I know there are hundreds of unsorted photos waiting for me on my computer but with no particular reason to do anything with them.

My intention with this blog is to challenge myself to keep making stuff and putting it out for the world to see. This will include lots of photos but also some writing – not something I have ever spent much time doing (as anyone who reads this can probably tell!), but which will hopefully prove interestingly different.

To keep myself honest and focussed, there will be rules. These will be made up by me and subject to change whenever I feel like, and exist purely to help fight my inner slacker, and they will be kept up to date on the rules page. To kick off, I intend to make at least one post a week. Also I should make sure I do some decent research before posting anything, so I’m banning myself from linking to Wikipedia.

Now it’s time to give that itch a scratch.

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  1. Love the idea, can’t wait to see the fruits of your creative labours!

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